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召喚峽谷 | LoL菁英網


By | on 2014-07-17 |
防禦與摧毀防禦塔 招喚峽谷是正義之地裡第一張同時也是最受歡迎的地圖,招喚峽谷被當作玩家在英雄聯盟的實力標準 . Action typically stratifies into discrete phases, 對戰的開始在對線和(史詩最終)之間,大型的團戰. You achieve victory by pushing your way into the opposing base and摧毀敵方的主堡尖碑.

The Battle for the Rift

The largest available battlefield, Summoner’s Rift is mirrored diagonally and features three lanes into the enemy base. Each lane is defended by three turrets and an 水晶兵營, while the nexus is protected by a pair of turrets. Both sides of the map boast expansive jungles containing powerful buffs, and the central river is home to two boss monsters that provide team-wide benefits.

The Jungle

The mirrored jungle areas on Summoner’s Rift each contain several lesser monster camps along with a pair of more powerful monsters that yield buffs when killed. Managing these buffs is 核心 to maximizing your teams performance on the battlefield, so be wary of any enemy you spot entering your jungle. If you’re not careful, you may find he’s stolen one of your buffs!
  • 樹精的祝福: 紅 buff (增益效果) that causes your 普通攻擊 to slow the enemy and deal 持續傷害
  • 遠古魔像印記: 藍 buff (增益效果) that reduces 冷卻時間 and causes your 英雄 to rapidly 回復魔力

The 飛龍

Located in the river near bottom lane, this neutral monster is usually best handled as a group. Defeating this dragon yields bonus gold to every member of your team.


This dangerous monster makes his lair in the river near top lane. A hard fight even for five well-equipped 英雄, 巴龍 is the most challenging neutral encounter in 英雄聯盟. Defeating the massive wyrm yields global gold and experience as well as a powerful team-wide buff.
  • 巴龍之頌: a buff that causes you to rapidly regenerate health and mana as well as granting significantly increased 物理攻擊 and 魔法攻擊