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Spell vamp技能吸血 | LoL菁英網

Spell vamp技能吸血

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技能吸血 is a 魔法 stat that converts a percentage of the ability damage dealt to 生命 regained. Activated 技能 that do not state they “apply on-hit effects" or modify your “next 普通攻擊" will benefit from 技能吸血.[1] 技能吸血 works off of activated item effects, 召喚師技能, 和 技能, regardless of the type of damage done. It is calculated from the damage dealt to the enemy after reductions such as 魔法防禦, 物理防禦 or effects like  R[堅定意志].


  •  鬼索的狂暴之刃: 唯一 被動: Falling below 50% health grants you 20% 攻擊速度, 10% 普攻吸血 和 10% 技能吸血 until you exit combat – 30 second 冷卻. +40 魔法攻擊, +30 物理攻擊. 被動: Your 普通攻擊 or spellcasts grant you 4% 攻擊速度 和 4 魔法攻擊 for 8 秒. This bonus stacks up to 8 times. 2600 gold.
  •  海克斯科技左輪: 唯一 被動: +12% 技能吸血. +40 魔法攻擊. 1200 gold.
  •  海克斯科技槍刃: 唯一 被動: +20% 技能吸血, +45 物理攻擊, +65 魔法攻擊, +12% 普攻吸血. 唯一 被動: Your 普通攻擊 和 single target spells against 英雄 reduce the 冷卻 of this item by 3 秒. 唯一 主動: Deals 150 + 40% of your 魔法攻擊 as 魔法傷害 和 slows target 英雄的 跑速 by 40% for 2 秒. 60 second 冷卻. 3400 gold.
  •  遠古意志: 唯一 被動: +20% 技能吸血. +80 魔法攻擊, +10% 降低冷卻時間.2500 gold.

英雄 技能

Note: Only the effect regarding the 技能吸血 of this 技能 is shown. For full description 和 detail visit each 英雄 page


  •  吸血鬼 grants 1 / 2 / 3% 技能吸血 和 普攻吸血.


  • 紫之精髓s of 技能吸血 grant 1.12 / 1.56 / 2% 技能吸血.

Ability W[生命汲取]

Note: These 技能 will heal the 英雄 by a percentage of the damage dealt from their ability. These act similar to how 技能吸血 works, but unlike it, they have no penalty for being A.o.E(範圍) abilties.


  •  振奮盔甲 被動 effect will increase 技能吸血 effectiveness.
  • 技能 with natural 技能吸血 have their own 技能吸血 fully 疊加 with 道具, 符文 和 天賦 that provide 技能吸血.
  • 技能吸血 applies to all types of damage: magic, physical 和 true.
    • There is a common misconception it only applies to 魔法傷害, which is not true.
  • 技能吸血 applies to nearly everything that isn’t classified as an auto-attack. This is most 技能, but also includes 道具 (e.g.  海克斯科技槍刃) 和 召喚師技能 (e.g.  重擊).
  • Area of effect (A.o.E(範圍)) spells only apply 33% of the listed 技能吸血.
    • Some 技能 as  W[魅火] are classified as multiple single-target projectiles, 和 will apply 100% of your 技能吸血. Whether an ability is classified as such is case-by-case. For example,  W[高科技微型火箭] is classified as A.o.E(範圍) despite being similar to  W[魅火].
    • 技能 with both single-target 和 multi-target effects, such as  Q[鏟擊之鎚] 和  Q[荒蕪], will apply 技能吸血 depending on which effect occurs. In that, full 技能吸血 against a single target; or 33% against multiple targets.
    • Single target 技能 that apply splash damage will apply full 技能吸血 to the original target, 和 33% to the splash damage. For example,  E[天火燎原] with  烈炎標記 和  R[絕望之力].
  • Damage over time 技能 (DoT) apply full 技能吸血. (e.g.  布蘭德的  烈炎標記 和  馬爾札哈的  E[煞星幻象]).
  • Does not work with the reflected damage of  荊棘之甲. It does, however, work with the reflected damage of  E[熔炎護盾] 和  W[尖刺防禦].
  • Healing reduction effects like  點燃,  死刑宣告 和  黑魔禁書 reduce the health restored by 技能吸血. See healing reduction for more information.


技能吸血 is multiplied by total spell damage to determine the amount of health restored. Area of effect spells, however, only heal one-third the normal amount.
Examples: Dealing 300 single-target damage with 10% 技能吸血 will heal for 30. Dealing 300 area of effect damage with 10% 技能吸血 will heal for 10 for each enemy affected.


The highest 技能吸血 value currently possible is attainable on  阿卡莉 using her  懲戒之秘 on扭曲叢林. This requires:
  •  珍娜 AP = (100 × 5 + 137.301 + 83.16 + 16 + 8 + 64 + 35) × (1.25 × 1.05) = 1106.081024
    • 50 + (10% of 珍娜的 AP) AD –  E[風暴之眼]
    • 60.385 + (2.1% of 珍娜的 AP) AD – 10% increased AD (和 Ap, for 珍娜) for having both altars
    • 24.6625 + (0.55% of 珍娜的 AP) AD –  軍閥
Total Bonus AD: 578.2975 + (12.65% of 珍娜的 AP) Which is 1106.081 = 718.2167495
Conversion: (718.2167495 / 6) + 6 = x
Total: 125% (decimal of .7027916 dropped)
Total: 49%
  •  振奮盔甲 increases the given 技能吸血, increasing the subtotal of 174% by 20%. Making the maximum 技能吸血 208.8%.

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