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Minion小兵 | LoL菁英網


By | on 2014-07-18 |
Minions are expendable allied units that are generated automatically to charge into battle with the purpose of attacking enemy units in the lanes they are assigned. The blue 和 purple team minions spawn every 30 秒 from the 主堡 in order to support the 英雄. Minions begin spawning 1 minute 30 秒 after the game has begun. Every 3 minutes the minion waves will grow stronger, with every type of minion gaining different 屬性. Minions deal 50% increased damage to 防禦塔和 deal about 15% reduced damage to enemy 英雄. Note: Minions should not be confused with 野怪, which are neutral unless attacked 和 reside in the jungle.
Snowdown Showdown Minions
近戰 minions as they appear in the Snowdown Showdown each year except 2012.


Minions are constructs of the League, used specifically for battle arenas. They aren’t sentient. In the earliest days of the League – during their extensive testing phase – there was a rumor that they were using sentient beings as minions. They even supposedly used necromancy to summon skeletal minions to fight as the minions of today do. Such rumors are generally thought to be unsubstantiated.


There are five types of minions that are currently in the game.
Minions Blue& Red 近戰
近戰 Minions


近戰 minions charge directly towards the closest enemy.
Minions Blue&Red Caster
Caster Minions


Caster minions attack enemies from a 範圍 of 600 with bolts of energy that are the same color as their team的. They deal more damage per attack 和 have unnoticably more DPS than their melee counterparts but are otherwise inferior.


One Siege minion spawns in every third wave, in each lane. It attacks enemies from a 範圍 of 450 with cannon balls. They receive 30% less damage from turrets. Siege minions have more health 和 deal more damage than the regular wave minions.

Anti-turret cannon

siege minion that is promoted turns in to a Anti-turret cannon (ATC) thus gaining increased 攻擊速度, 物理防禦, 魔法防禦, 生命 和 its kills donate the gold to its promoter. ATC的 are the best 和 strongest among the regular minions.
Minions Blue& Red Super
Super Minions


Super minion is spawned in each wave to a lane in which the enemy 水晶兵營 is destroyed. They will continue spawning until the 水晶兵營 respawns, which takes four minutes. It replaces the wave的 siege minion 和, similarly to it, it takes 30% less damage from turrets. They deal more damage 和 have more health than any other minion, but have the lowest armor 和 魔法防禦.


Minions 和 turrets will only deviate from their st和ard behavior to come to the aid of an ally under duress. Whenever any unit is under attack, it generates a ‘call for help’. Minions 和 turrets have slightly different reactions to a call for help. Under normal circumstances, a minion’s behavior is simple. Minions follow their attack route until they reach an enemy to engage. Every few 秒, they will scan the area around them for the highest priority target. When a minion receives a call for help from an ally, it will evaluate its current target in relation to the target designated by the call. It will switch its attack to the new target if 和 only if the new target is of a higher priority than their current target. Minions prioritize targets in the following order:
  1. An enemy 英雄 designated by a call for help from an allied 英雄. (Enemy 英雄 attacking an Allied 英雄)
  2. An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied 英雄. (Enemy minion attacking an Allied 英雄)
  3. An enemy minion designated by a call for help from an allied minion. (Enemy minion attacking an Allied minion)
  4. An enemy turret designated by a call for help from an allied minion. (Enemy turret attacking an Allied minion)
  5. An enemy 英雄 designated by a call for help from an allied minion. (Enemy 英雄 attacking an Allied minion)
  6. The closest enemy minion.
  7. The closest enemy 英雄.
Because they are continuously reevaluating their target, minions will lose interest in an enemy 英雄 if that 英雄 breaks off an engagement with them, provided that there is any other target left for them to choose within 範圍. Minions will only reevaluate their target every few 秒. This means that if a 英雄 initiates an attack against an enemy 英雄, the attacking 英雄 will continue to be viewed as the most threatening target for a short time after they have broken off the attack. This is true even if one of their allied 英雄 has joined the fight, since minions always prioritize their current target over a new target of equal priority. If a targeted 英雄 leaves the minions’ sight, the minions will automatically reevaluate their target 和 will carry on walking or attacking something else.

Lane Management 和 Last Hitting Tips

Although experience is given any time a 英雄 is in a certain 範圍 of a minion that dies, a 英雄 may only receive the gold if that 英雄 delivered the killing blow. L和ing the final 自動攻擊(普攻) on minions is referred to as last hitting in the 英雄聯盟 community. It is the best way to pick up the minion的 bounty without pushing the lane much. Constantly 自動攻擊(普攻)ing minions always pushes the lane, which leaves the 英雄 more vulnerable to attacks from junglers. 英雄 can also use their 技能 to last hit, however, having an ability on 冷卻 or even having to spend a resource (e.g. Mana) always puts you into a disadvantage. When choosing to use an ability to last hit, this should always be taken into account. As killing minions (creep score or CS) is generally the only way to gain gold in lane beyond gold over time (because kills 和 assists are not guaranteed), it is considered very important. Freezing a lane is 核心ly stopping the enemy minions from pushing the lane any further than it already is. It is generally used in combination with zoning to keep enemy 英雄 from experience 和 minions 和 allow a jungler to gank. Keep in mind that freezing a lane will leave a greater amount of enemy minions than allied minions 和 can mean a significant amount of extra damage in any all-ins or sustained trades. The first condition for this tactic to work, the enemy minions must already be pushing. Generally, one can leave a few extra enemy minions (about half a minion wave or three is good, preferably 遠程 minions). You may have to tank a few minion hits to keep the lane from pushing in between minion waves.


  • If the 英雄 do not interfere in the battle, one team of minions will eventually win the game. Which team will win is completely r和om, depending on which team 全神貫注es the enemy minions better.
  • When minions scan for a target, it is possible for a 英雄 to pick up aggro multiple times from a minion. Minions can constantly pick up aggro from you 和 can follow you through the jungle.


為第一季於美服即加入之資深英雄聯盟玩家,第二季銀牌、第三季個人銀牌/戰隊3v3金牌,專精AD/SUP,有時候會玩MID/TOP,非常不擅長JG(自稱五分鐘才能打完一圈)。 另外有玩WOW、AVA、POE等,歡迎同樂。