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有些英雄不需要魔力做為代價就可以施放技能,所以他們不需要購買能夠增加 魔力 或 魔力回復 之屬性的道具。 總共有約21名英雄不需要 魔力





Alternative Gating Mechanics

In place of or acting as a resource, there are a number of alternative mechanics that gate the 可獲得 of a 英雄的 技能.


Main article: 生命

英雄 who use their own health as their resource:  厄薩斯,  蒙多醫生,  魔鬪凱薩,  弗拉迪米爾 和  札克.

These 英雄 use their own health to cast some — or all — of their 技能. 英雄 can never kill themselves due to ability casting, as their 技能 become free at critical levels of health. While these 英雄 can cast their 技能 more freely than most, their disadvantage is that frequent ability usage will bring them closer to death. With the exception of  蒙多醫生的R[背水一戰] the ultimate 技能 of health-using 英雄 are free of any cost; only gated by 冷卻.

It的 worth noting that all of these 英雄 have at least one ability capable of restoring their health.


Main article: 能量

英雄 who use energy as their resource: AkaliSquare.png 阿卡莉,  凱能, LeeSinSquare.png 李星, ShenSquare.png  和  

Energy 英雄 use an alternative to 魔力 for spending on 技能. Having a maximum of 200 energy with no growth per level, the main advantage of energy is its rapid regeneration (10 energy per second), so that energy 英雄 are not at the risk of depleting their resource over an extended period of time. The main disadvantage of energy is that its small capacity restricts the rapid usage of multiple spells in a short period of time. The energy resource bar is colored yellow.


唯一 to RengarSquare.png 雷葛爾, Ferocity is generated whenever 雷葛爾 l和s an ability or 被動ly during  R[血性獵殺]. 雷葛爾 can have up to 5 Ferocity, 和 having maximum Ferocity allows 雷葛爾 to use one of his W[蓄力一擊]ed 技能. 雷葛爾的 resource bar is divided into 5 sections that appear as he gains 5 Ferocity. While 雷葛爾 has between 1 和 4 Ferocity, the sections are colored white. Upon reaching 5 Ferocity, the sections are colored o範圍.


For the mastery, see 怒火 (Season Four Mastery).

怒火 behaves 唯一ly on each 英雄 that utilizes it. The only consistent features are that each 英雄 can generate 怒火 on-hit or with their ultimates, 和 the resource bar is colored red.

RenektonSquare.png 雷尼克頓
雷尼克頓的 怒火 is generated whenever he attacks an enemy, per enemy hit by  Q[弱肉強食] 和 被動ly during  君臨天下. If 雷尼克頓 has 50 or more 怒火, his next ability will be W[蓄力一擊]ed at the cost of 50 怒火. 雷尼克頓的 怒火 will begin to deplete if he has not been in combat for 12 秒. Due to  怒不可遏 雷尼克頓的 怒火 generation is boosted by 50% when he is under half health.

ShyvanaSquare.png 希瓦娜

希瓦娜 does not have access to 怒火 until she has ranked  R[真龍轉生], 和 she gains a full 怒火 bar (100) once she does for the first time. 希瓦娜的 怒火 does not decay 和 generates 被動ly 和 whenever she attacks an enemy. 100 怒火 is required to activate  R[真龍轉生], but activation does not instantly Q[吞噬] all her 怒火 – instead, it depletes slowly until it runs out. 希瓦娜 can still generate 怒火 with her 普通攻擊 while it is depleting.


泰達米爾的 怒火 is not required to activate any of his 技能, but  戰鬥狂怒 grants him bonus 暴擊率 based on his current 怒火 和 activating  Q[嗜血殺戮] will Q[吞噬] his current 怒火 to W[蓄力一擊] it healing effect.泰達米爾 generates 怒火 whenever he damages an enemy with his 普通攻擊 or 技能, whenever he kills a unit 和 when he activates his ultimate, R[無盡怒火] .泰達米爾的 怒火 will begin to deplete if he has not been in combat for 8 秒.

Rek'SaiSquare.png Rek’Sai

While Burrow.png burrowed, Rek’Sai will restore health every second at the expense of 20% of her current Fury, based on the amount of Fury expended. Rek’Sai will restore a maximum of (25 × level) health over 5 seconds if she burrowed at 100 Fury. Additionally, Rek’Sai’s next attack or damaging ability after Unburrow.png unburrowing will grant 15 bonus Fury. While Unburrowed, Rek’Sai generates 5 Fury whenever she damages an enemy which goes up to 100 Fury and will decay at a rate of 20 Fury per second if she has not gained any in the last ~5 seconds.
Furious Bite.png Furious Bite: Rek’Sai bites her target, dealing physical damage that is increased by 1% for every 1% of her current Fury. If Rek’Sai has full Fury, Furious Bite will deal true damage instead.


唯一 to  藍寶, Heat is generated whenever he casts one his basic 技能. Heat rapidly depletes if 藍寶 has not cast an ability in the last 4 秒. 藍寶 gains different effects depending on his current Heat. Heat is displayed in 藍寶的 secondary resource bar, 和 is colored differently depending on the current amount.

  • 0 – 49 heat — No effect.
  • 50 – 99 heat — Danger Zone 藍寶的 技能 gain additional effects.
  • 100 heat — Overheat 藍寶 is silenced 和 his 普通攻擊 deal additional damage until his heat reaches 0. Visually  藍寶的 mech is colored bright red 和 you can hear his cries of discomfort due to the heat.


Unique to GnarSquare.png Gnar, GnarSquare.png Mini Gnar will generate Rage whenever he deals damage to any source or takes damage from an enemy champion, plus additional Rage over 3 seconds. If Gnar has not dealt or received damage after 13 seconds, his Rage will start to decay. Rage generation from combat with minions is reduced. The over-time Rage generation cannot exceed 99 Rage from combat with minions if Gnar kills the minion.

When Gnar reaches 100 Rage, he gains access to an alternate set of abilities. After either 5 seconds or upon casting an ability, GnarSquare.png Mini Gnar will transform into  Mega GnarSquare.png Mega Gnar for 15 seconds while his Rage depletes. Once his Rage is exhausted, he will turn back into  Mini Gnar and cannot gain Rage again for 13 seconds.

Other uses of the Secondary Bar

Some 英雄 use the secondary bar to display some ability effects to track them better.


唯一 to  厄薩斯,  血之湧泉 acts as a health reserve should 厄薩斯 take lethal damage – reviving him with an amount of health equal to the 血之湧泉的 contents plus a base amount. The revival effect has a 冷卻, 和 the current amount in the reserve is colored red or white depending on whether or not the effect is available. 厄薩斯 fills the 血之湧泉 by casting his 技能, with 100% of the health cost being stored in the 血之湧泉. The 血之湧泉 slowly depletes if 厄薩斯 has not taken or dealt damage recently.

厄薩斯 also gains bonus 攻擊速度 based on the contents of his current 血之湧泉, regardless of whether the revival effect is available.


唯一 to  魔鬪凱薩,  鐵人 acts as a temporary, decaying, absorption shield that is generated by the damage he deals with his 技能. The resource bar is colored white.


唯一 to  犽宿, Flow is generated by movement, dashing, 傳送ing 和 the 被動 effect of  W[風牆鐵壁], requiring a total of 4000 traveled units to be fully filled. Maximum Flow is required to use  浪人之道.

Flow is represented in 犽宿的 resource bar 和 is colored grey while charging, 和 white once full to indicate it的 a shield (as with  魔鬪凱薩的  鐵人).

 浪人之道: Should  犽宿 take damage from a 英雄 or jungle monster his Flow will will turn into a shield for 1.5 秒, after which- if it has not been broken- it fully depletes.


  •  魔鬪凱薩的  鐵人,  犽宿的 Flow 和  厄薩斯的  血之湧泉 和 are the only non-resource or alternative gating mechanics that is displayed in the resource bar.
    • It is currently being considered to have  雷玟的  符文破刃 charges displayed in the resource bar, in a visually similar manner to 雷葛爾的 Ferocity. [1] If this change passes, similar changes may also be applied to similar mechanics (such as  E[血之潮汐]).
  • When the mechanic was 唯一 to 雷尼克頓, 怒火 was known as “Rage".
  • When  雷玟 was first released, she was not technically classified as manaless – she simply had 0 (+0) base mana 和 0 (+0) base 魔力回復. She could purchase mana 和 it would be represented in her resource bar – allowing her to use 和 benefit from 道具 such as  魔劍正宗 和  大天使之杖. This was hotfixed shortly after.