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水晶之痕 | LoL菁英網


By | on 2014-07-17 |

Dominate your Enemies

The 水晶之痕 is the flagship map of the 據點攻略戰 game mode, in which two teams of five 英雄 compete to capture and hold a series of control points. Holding the majority of these points will slowly damage the opposing team’s nexus, bringing you closer to victory.

Conquering the Scar

The capture points on the 水晶之痕 are ar遠程 in a ring around a neutral area that contains powerful, team-specific buffs. Each team can claim the powerful Storm Shield from the middle of the map. Quests will also occur throughout the match, offering each team the opportunity to win a powerful team buff by completing a team objective. 

Maintaining Control

Capturing a Point

Capture points on the 水晶之痕 are acquired over the course of a brief channel time. While channeling, your 英雄 is unable to take any action without disrupting this process. Damage or crowd control effects will also interrupt your capture. If you’re interrupted while capturing a node, you’ll have to wait a moment before channeling another capture.

Choosing your Battles

Choosing which enemy point to attack is 核心 to victory on the 水晶之痕. Oftentimes, it’s better to circumvent a well-entrenched objective in favor of one that easier to conquer. Also, since capturing a point requires a sustained channel time, you may want to bring at least one ally along when engaging a defended point. Speed shrines throughout the map can help you quickly reach vulnerable enemy objectives.


As a match on the 水晶之痕 progresses, quests may become available. A quest 無畏挑戰s both teams to secure the same, neutral capture point before the opponent. Successfully seizing the point in question will earn a team-wide buff.
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