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Auto-targeted自動瞄準 | LoL菁英網


By | on 2014-07-18 |
Auto-targeting is a targeting paradigm for 技能 that does not require any targeting input from the user upon activation; instead, they, as their name suggests, automatically select one or more valid targets in 範圍 or a valid area of effect when they are activated. Point blank autotargeted 技能 that do not affect the user such as  Q[群星隕落] are distinct from the typical 以自身為中心的AOE範圍效果 spell in that they cannot be cast while no valid targets are in 範圍. There are three subcategories for autotargeting: full autotargeting uses the targeting type exclusively 和 requires no direct input from the user whatsoever, semi-autotargeting requires an initial input upon cast but a portion of the ability will autotarget itself afterwards using the selected area or enemy as an anchor, 和 強化自身 is its own category due to its prevalence as a special case of auto-targeting.

英雄 技能

Fully Autotargeted



Full Autotargeted

Semi Autotargeted

Summoner Spells

英雄 技能
Targeting Types
自動瞄準 · 對地技能 · 強化自身 · 指向技 · 指定技
Effect Types
靈氣 · 瞬移 · 增益效果 · CC控制 · 傷害 · 衝刺 · 減益效果 · 治療 · 擊中效果 · 護盾