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道具選單 | LoL菁英網


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隨著遊戲的進行,你擊殺敵方獲得金錢,能夠購買道具與裝備強化你的英雄,增強傷害、續戰力、移動速度、技能冷卻…等。開始遊戲時,你即可在英雄出發點旁的商店| 購買物品。
An item is an artifact or object carried by 英雄s to enhance their performance on the Fields of Justice. A 英雄 can only carry six 道具 and a Trinket at a time, making the selection of 道具 an important part of achieving victory. 道具 are only obtainable through the item shop located at the Spawn Pool. This is also where 道具 are sold back for 70% of the total gold spent to obtain them. The exceptions to this are theProspectorDoranGold Income 道具, 消耗品, and  守護天使, which return 40% of their total cost.
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