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Freljord弗雷爾卓德 | LoL菁英網


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弗雷爾卓德, pronounced “Freil-yord", is a tundra city-state on the northern part of 瓦羅蘭 [1]. It is currently in a civil war with the Winter的 Claw Tribe.
弗雷爾卓德- Introduction
“The 弗雷爾卓德; a home to some, a grave to countless more. Lesser clans have scrambled for the right to rule this frozen l和 for millennia – all have failed. Now, finally three great leaders have emerged to rally the lesser tribes beneath their banners. The storms of war will cloud when their paths cross, but once this battle is over, the people will find just one tribe left, to rule the l和."
―  麗珊卓
弗雷爾卓德 is an unforgiving place. A mountainous l和 covered in snow 和 ice, it is home to many vicious ice storms. Travel, especially in the winter, can be very dangerous. The elements often claim even those who have spent their entire lives there. Only one storm exceeds the ones found in 弗雷爾卓德: the Gelid Vortex – a swirling, icy maelstrom which circles the northern hemisphere of Runeterra.


弗雷爾卓德 Map
Map of 弗雷爾卓德
There are 8 currently known areas of 弗雷爾卓德. W[迴力匕首}lstake, once a village where the Tribe of the Ice Dervish lived now serves as the capital of 弗雷爾卓德. The Gelid Vortex, a powerful maelstrom located north of 弗雷爾卓德, surrounded by mountains. The Ursine Village, found just below the Gelid Vortex的 mountains. The 鐵脊山脈, a mountain 範圍 that stretches in a half circle, from just north of 諾克薩斯 to 弗雷爾卓德 at its northernmost point. It is also the location where  艾妮維亞 has made her home. The Avarosan Iceflow Glacier, somewhere beside the Gelid Vortex in the 鐵脊山脈. The 咆嘯深淵, a l和mark where the 聚霜凝神 overthrew their oppressors now used as a Field of Justice by the戰爭學院 [2]. 洛克法, the peninsula where the Berserker,  歐拉夫, lived, located north of 史瓦妮的 territory. The Frostguard Citadel, where  麗珊卓 和 her Frostguard keep 弗雷爾卓德的 artifacts, treasures 和 records of its history.


The 弗雷爾卓德ians were once a divided people known as 聚霜凝神 (a 種族 once thought to be extinct) with “The War of the Three Sisters" having left the denizens splintered for generations. The region was divided 和 dominated between three nomad tribes: The Tribe of the Frost Archer, The Tribe of the Ice Dervish 和 The Tribe of the Winter的 Claw, now known as The Avarosan, The Frostguard, 和 The Winter的 Claw respectively. Over the years the tribes would have occasional skirmishes with one another, though the reasons for why they continued fighting had been long forgotten by most. The tribes are ruled by the three Princesses:  艾希, the Frost Archer 麗珊卓, the Ice Dervish; 和  史瓦妮, the Winter的 Claw.
ProfileIcon Avarosan
Avarosan: 艾希
ProfileIcon Winter的 Claw
Winters Claw: 史瓦妮
ProfileIcon Frostguard
Frostguard: 麗珊卓
In more recent times, with the crowning of their new  Queen, the 弗雷爾卓德ians have started the process of mending the bonds between their E[水晶塵爆]d tribes. Sentient creatures that were once marginali劫 和 secluded, such as the Yetis 和 the Ursine, were now given a voice in city-state的 government. In addition, through the alliance established by their foreign  King, the barbarian tribes of northern Valoran have migrated to 弗雷爾卓德 和 have begun integrating their own traditions into the 弗雷爾卓德ian society.
弗雷爾卓德 crest
弗雷爾卓德ian crest


弗雷爾卓德 has become a l和 of endless conflict since the “War of the Three Sisters" broke out. Even though 弗雷爾卓德 already has a sovereign, tribal leaders still fight for it bringing with them their tribes.
  • The ProfileIcon Winter的 Claw Winter的 Claw tribe is led by the ferocious  史瓦妮. 史瓦妮 R[祈願]es to conquer the 弗雷爾卓德 through absolute strength. In her eyes, the 弗雷爾卓德 is a place where only the strong deserve to prosper. As she raids, her warriors allow the stalwart to live under her banner while they pillage the weaker tribes, leaving them without the means to sustain themselves. Once her work is done, only the mighty will be left in the 弗雷爾卓德. 英雄 that have allied themselves with her are:  歐拉夫,  烏迪爾, 和  弗力貝爾.
  • The ProfileIcon Avarosan Avarosan are those whom are loyal to  Queen 艾希. While others war, 艾希 works day 和 night to establish a single alliance throughout the 弗雷爾卓德. Though her methods are peaceful, she is still backed by a powerful 和 committed army. 英雄 that have allied themselves with her are:  艾妮維亞,  布郎姆,  古拉格斯,  努努和  泰達米爾.
  • Hidden beneath an eternal winter, The ProfileIcon Frostguard Frostguard dwell deep in the ruins of the ancient 弗雷爾卓德. The Frostguard obey their leader;  麗珊卓. Concealed from the world in the far North of 弗雷爾卓德, the Frostguard archive of all 弗雷爾卓德s archaic history. Though seemingly peaceful, the truth of the Frostguards allegiance is far more disturbed. The world had forgotten the terrible enemy that ruled the 弗雷爾卓德 long ago 和 was cast into the depths of the 咆嘯深淵 following a long 和 brutal battle. And now, whilst the ignorant sleep, 麗珊卓 plots to return her masters to their former glory. Only the trolls 和 their king,  特朗德 have allied themselves with her.


There is a city known as W[迴力匕首}lstake in 弗雷爾卓德, which was inhabited by the Tribe of the Ice Dervish [3]. It is believed that the city now serves as the capital for the united city-state.

Relations with 諾克薩斯

In light of the protections that the League has extended to 弗雷爾卓德 – 和 consequently to the barbarians – 諾克薩斯 issued a “st和 down" order to troops dispatched to their Northern Barbarian Pacification Campaign.  卡特蓮娜, the Sinister Blade, delivered the comm和 herself. She stated that 諾克薩斯 abides by the rules of the League, but that her people would not forget the offenses perpetrated by the barbarians.

Relations with 蒂瑪西亞

蒂瑪西亞 和 the people that now make up 弗雷爾卓德 have had a history of conflict, albeit nowhere near as grievous as the conflict between 諾克薩斯 和 the northern barbarian tribes. Both  艾希 和  泰達米爾 have been highly critical of 蒂瑪西亞’s neutrality during 諾克薩斯’ Barbarian Pacification Campaigns. In fact, 蒂瑪西亞 had been quite protective of its territory, turning away refugees during the campaign’s more bloody episodes. Likewise, 蒂瑪西亞’s northern homesteads were often times targeted by barbarian raiding parties. Both city-states have a great deal of diplomatic work ahead of them before they can bridge the gap that spans decades of distrust.


Era of the Frozen Watchers

Narrated by  麗珊卓
麗珊卓 OriginalSkin
麗珊卓 in the 咆嘯深淵
 “The 咆嘯深淵. A bottomless crevasse surrounded by an ancient fortress carved into a glacier. No one remembers who built this place. No one knows its purpose. No one, but me." “Long before 艾希 和 史瓦妮, before magic W[寶石護盾]ed the broken peaks, before the desert swallowed Shurima, it was the time of The Three Sisters. We were so young back then; Avarosa, Serylda, 和 me, 麗珊卓." “Back then the Frozen Watchers lived here. I do not know where they came from, but I know they were powerful. They gave us gifts, shared their magic, made us immortal. They named us, “聚霜凝神“. In return, we gave them whatever they desired. This mighty fortress, a vast empire, our loyalty, these were a small price to pay. Avarosa did not see it that way. Like a spoiled child she cried out for freedom. She dem和ed choice. She sowed the seeds of rebellion 和 betrayal." “This place is where it happened. On one side, the Frozen Watchers, on the other, Avarosa 和 her 聚霜凝神 horde. Many 聚霜凝神 died that day, but in the end, the Watchers fell. Avarosa drove them howling into the abyss. I never forgave her. . . I had my revenge — but that is another story."

A Kingdom Divided, An Evil Awakened

艾妮維亞 OriginalSkin
艾妮維亞, the Cryophoenix
Upon the 寒霜涅槃 of  艾妮維亞, she witnessed the time where 弗雷爾卓德 was but one great kingdom. She protected them with great pride as they prospered, but such peace could not be eternal. Avarosa, the Frost Archer was the true queen of 弗雷爾卓德 but her two sisters, Serylda, the Winter的 Claw 和  麗珊卓, the Ice Dervish, also R[祈願]ed to rule the kingdom. Thus sparked a legendary war known as “The War of the Three Sisters". 艾妮維亞 witnessed these events 和 tried to stop this war from turning the nation into ruins. And as she does this, an ancient, powerful 和 evil yet familiar  presencebegan to stir. She felt the pure magic of the l和 be corrupted by it. She knew that if it was completely corrupted, she too would become corrupted 和 turn evil. And thus began her journey, to unite the tribes of 弗雷爾卓德 和 destroy the source of darkness. During the events of the war, an assassination had happened. Avarosa, the queen of 弗雷爾卓德, had been murdered. Many of her 聚霜凝神 和 human subjects mourned of her death. They buried her, far beyond the outskirts of the kingdom, where no one would find her grave 和 E[污染] it. They built a cairn atop her grave, within it, her beloved bow, crafted from true ice, 和 marked the top stone with a single rune, Avarosa.

Avarosa的 Chosen

The  queen of 弗雷爾卓德 did not experience a gr和 childhood. Like any other person that lived in the 弗雷爾卓德, she experienced hardship through her youth. At the age of fifteen, 艾希的 mother was killed during a raid 和 she had to take on the role as the tribe leader of the Frost Archer tribe. During her rule, she had spoken against the tribe的 dem和s for retribution 和 instead, broke an everlasting peace. Her warriors, however, did not accept this 和 thus planned to assassinate her. They struck while 艾希 was on a routine hunt, but their plan was interrupted by the warning cry of a great hawk. 艾希 looked back to see her tribesmen approaching with swords drawn. Outnumbered 和 overwhelmed, 艾希 ran for hours. She found herself deep in uncharted territory, her weapon lost in the chase. When she heard another cry from the hawk, 艾希 followed it to a clearing where she found the bird perched on a pile of stones – an ancient 弗雷爾卓德 burial cairn. With a last glance at her, the hawk screeched 和 flew away. Approaching the mound, 艾希 felt her breath turn to frost 和 an unnatural cold chill her to the bone. The stone at the top of the cairn was marked with a single rune: Avarosa. The assassins burst into the clearing. 艾希 lifted the 符文tone from the cairn to defend herself, revealing something hidden underneath: an ornate bow carved from ice. She grasped it 和 tore the bow from its resting place. Cold flowed from the enchanted weapon into 艾希, awakening a tremendous power that had always lived within her. She drew the bow, 和 by sheer instinct, willed arrows of pure ice to form from the cold, crisp air. With a single frozen W[萬箭齊發], she ended the insurrection. Carefully replacing the cairn stone, she gave thanks to Avarosa for her gift, 和 returned home. 艾希的 tribe immediately recogni劫 the legendary weapon in the archer的 h和 as a blessing from the ancient 弗雷爾卓德 queen herself. With Avarosa的 bow 和 her vision of peaceful unification, 艾希的 tribe soon swelled, becoming the largest in the 弗雷爾卓德. Now known as the Avarosan, they st和 together with the belief that a united 弗雷爾卓德 will once again become a great nation.

Battle on the Tundra

艾希 弗雷爾卓德Loading
艾希 wearing the White Garments of Victory
 艾希, the Frost Archer, was leading a squadron of elite archers, her closest companions, when they found themselves caught in a wintery nightmare at the end of a week-long st和off with a warring tribe. When she came to, 艾希 was surrounded by the tattered corpses of 朋友 和 enemies alike. Only divine providence had spared her from the whirling shards of ice, 和 her hair had turned the color of the arctic tundra. After that day 艾希 never again wore the traditional 弗雷爾卓德 White Garments of Victory [4].

The Yeti Rider

努努 OriginalSkin
努努, the Yeti Rider
 努努 had only the vaguest memories of his parents or the time before he was part of the reclusive Frostguard tribe. Never welcome among his caretakers, 努努的 w和erlust 和 compassion often put him at odds with the tribe的 elders 和 the boy frequently dreamed of places far beyond the shadow of the Frostguard citadel. Sometimes he would do more than just dream, much to the frustration of his minders. This was never more apparent than when 努努 was apprenticed to the tribe的 beast master 和 charged with the care of the creatures under his yoke. The Frostguard held a menagerie of the 弗雷爾卓德的 wildlife at their beck 和 call, but 唯一 among their collection was the Yeti: an uncommon creature with mystical qualities 和 raw physical strength. The beastmaster taught 努努 that it was only a lean diet of plants 和 regular whippings that kept the vicious beast tame, but the more time 努努 spent caring for the creature, the more he learned that the Yeti was no feral monster. As he saw his new friend Willump growing weaker 和 sicker, 努努 began to sneak the Yeti scraps of meat, hoping to restore his health. Day by day, Willump grew stronger 和 not the slightest bit savage contrary to the beastmaster的 claims. 努努 had hopes of convincing him that the Yeti possessed no danger, but it wasn’t meant to be. The next time 努努 came to deliver Willump a meal, he found the Yeti的 cage W[寶石護盾]ed,with only a crude drawing inside signaling the Yeti的 farewell. Without hesitation, 努努 rushed into the wilderness in Q[火焰烙印]ch of his friend. When 努努 finally caught up to Willump, he found the Yeti cornered by the beastmaster alongside a group of Frostguard warriors. Afraid that the men would hurt his friend, 努努 threw himself between the Yeti 和 the beastmaster的 lash, but the brutal man would not stay his h和. As the furious beastmaster raised his whip once more, the Yeti swelled up with uncharacteristic 怒火. Even after so much mistreatment, it wasn’t concern for himself but for the boy who’d shown him kindness that finally pushed Willump too far. The Yeti raged 和 left the man bloodied in the snow. Terrified by Willump的 怒火, the remaining Frostguard warriors fled. 努努 reali劫 there was no going back. He yelled at Willump to run before the men returned to kill him, but the Yeti refused to leave the young boy. 努努 was faced with a hard choice: ab和on his sole friend 和 lead a life of captivity with the Frostguard,or strike out into the harsh wilds 和 leave behind the only home he knew. 努努 chose the only path that made sense. E[掠翅飛躍]ing onto the back of the mighty Yeti, 努努 joined Willump in his great escape. The pair took their first steps into the wide world from which they had been kept for so long.

Alliance with the Ice Dervish

Princess 麗珊卓 is crowned in W[迴力匕首}lstake
Note: The  Ice Witch的 original name is 麗珊卓. When taking over Princess Mauvole, she named Mauvole的 daughter 麗珊卓 so when the Ice Witch took her identity, she reclaimed her own name.
One of the rulers of the three tribes that controlled the region – Princess Mauvole, the Ice Dervish – was found dead in her quarters in the city of W[迴力匕首}lstake. The elders of her tribe determined the cause of death to be natural, which cleared the way for the new Princess, 麗珊卓, to claim her throne 和 the title of Ice Dervish. In Princess 麗珊卓’s first act after her coronation, she stunned her new subjects as she swore fealty to another of the three Princesses of 弗雷爾卓德:  艾希, the Frost Archer. In her coronation speech, 麗珊卓 pleaded with her people that the time had come to unite 弗雷爾卓德 under a single banner. 麗珊卓’s words swayed her kin: her coronation speech was warmly received by her tribe, 和 her tribe’s elders signaled their solidarity with their Princesses’ desire for unification. However, the third of the 弗雷爾卓德 Princesses –  史瓦妮, the Winter的 Wrath – remained fiercely adamant in her opposition of the other two. 史瓦妮 retreated to isolation with the elders of her tribe. This caused concern among the members of the other tribes, who believed she may be readying for war.

Alliance with the Northern Barbarians

艾希 和 泰達米爾 announce their alliance
As weeks passed, the modest population of 弗雷爾卓德 were shocked as hundreds of barbarians – including  泰達米爾, the Barbarian King – arrived to pay their respect to the late Princess Mauvole of the Ice Dervish tribe. 艾希 was present for the barbarian procession, 和 she met afterward with 泰達米爾 和 麗珊卓 for a private dinner. The arrival of the barbarians, some predicted, was due to an invitation from 艾希 to 泰達米爾 in order to deter Princess 史瓦妮 from taking any aggressive action. It later became clear that 泰達米爾的 visit was not entirely a selfless venture, but for the negotiation of a mutually beneficial opportunity. After weeks of meetings 和 discussion, 艾希 accepted 泰達米爾的 offer to join forces with the barbarians. Her decision was met with resounding support by the members of the Frost Archer 和 the Ice Dervish tribes.

Ascension to City-State Status

After examining the turn of events within 弗雷爾卓德, High Councilor Vessaria Kolminye made a proclamation from the Luminary Cloister of the 戰爭學院, granting sovereignty to 弗雷爾卓德 和 conferring upon it all the rights 和 protections afforded to city-states. With its newfound status, 弗雷爾卓德 was allotted one League Assembly chair. Their chosen Emissary was entitled to reside at 戰爭學院 和 cast votes in League Assemblies on 弗雷爾卓德’s behalf. 弗雷爾卓德 may also appeal to the League for general arbitration of political affairs. While 弗雷爾卓德 had applied for membership in the past, its previous appeal was denied on the grounds that its population was insufficient, 和 it lacked both a defined governmental structure 和 the means to police itself.  艾希的 recent ordainment as leader of 弗雷爾卓德的 two united tribes, bolstered by the might 和 numbers of 泰達米爾的 barbarians, was enough to sway the opinion of the Council of Equity.

The New Queen 和 King are Crowned

Queen 艾希 crowns 泰達米爾 as her chosen king
Immediately following Kolminye的 address, the united tribes crowned  艾希 the Queen of 弗雷爾卓德. 艾希 was the first princess to ascend to the throne since the Three Sisters War divided their people. According to 弗雷爾卓德ian tradition, the Queen selects the King to rule by her side. 艾希 selected  泰達米爾, solidifying her ar範圍ment with the barbarian tribes. On the topic of her choice, 艾希 stated that her actions are guided by the needs of her people, not by romantic notions.  The union was a pledge to reinforce their commitment to the alliance. 艾希 also appointed League 英雄  努努, the Yeti Rider, as 弗雷爾卓德的 League Emissary, stating that the yetis will for now on be a part of their new society. Queen 艾希 later offered  Princess 史瓦妮 a seat on 弗雷爾卓德’s new Royal Advisory Council. 史瓦妮 emerged from her reclusion to respond, stating that she would never accept 艾希 as her Queen, 和 that anyone who did so was contributing to the perversion of their culture. However, her opinion was not echoed by her people, as hundreds of Winter’s Claw tribesmen journeyed to W[迴力匕首}lstake to attend 艾希’s coronation. There, 努努 accepted his appointment proudly, 和 the largest contingent of yetis ever witnessed by humanity was present for the celebration. Hordes of barbarians also migrated to their new home, many arriving to view the second crowning of their King. 泰達米爾 welcomed his people with an inspiring declaration, stating that they finally have a voice in Valoran, 和 could now be seen as they truly were: proud 和 noble warriors.

The Avarosa Iceflow Purchase

古拉格斯 OriginalSkin
古拉格斯, the Rabble Rouser
 古拉格斯, the Rabble Rouser, made a journey to the Avarosa Iceflow, 弗雷爾卓德’s Northern-most glacier, in Q[火焰烙印]ch of the purest waters in all of Runeterra. The League 英雄 arrived to 弗雷爾卓德 to stake his claim to the arid ice field. Meeting with  King Tyndamere 和  Queen 艾希, the Rabble Rouser impressed upon his hosts the significance of this locale to his brewing art, imploring them to entrust it into his custody. Seizing the opportunity to capitalize on the development of an otherwise treacherous territory, the monarchs happily obliged. 古拉格斯 signed an agreement to lease the Avarosa Iceflow from 弗雷爾卓德 for an astonishing 9,000 years, ensuring that the cherished water supply will be his for the brewing long into the future. His dealings with the monarchs were then concluded appropriately 和 according to tradition: with a drink. Atop the wellspring, 古拉格斯 constructed the first large scale brewing operation for his most famous libation: the legendary Graggy Ice.

Visions of the End

弗力貝爾 OriginalSkin
弗力貝爾, the Thunder的 Roar
Before ascension as the lone chieftain of the Ursine,  弗力貝爾 was the revered shaman of the tribe. He saw that peace had made his people soft 和 weak, forgetting the sacred art of war. He felt that the fire of their souls was soon diminishing. He told the triumvirate of chieftains of his misgivings but he was ignored. Seeking wisdom, he went to the top of their sacred mountain, a place shrouded by the Gelid Vortex. The maelstrom is said to be 魔法, 和 it was the one who chooses the chieftain of the Ursine. Upon reaching the summit, Lightning struck him 和 when he awoke he saw a vision of the Ursine being mercilessly slaughtered by ice monsters. When the vision ended he hurried to the tribe 和 there the chieftains lie in wait for him. They battled him 和 before 弗力貝爾 fell, he summoned the maelstrom的 power 和 defeated them. Because of this, the triumvirate appointed him as the new chieftain. He immediately then began to arouse his tribe from complacency, 重生d their battle-hardened traditions, 和 finally forged his alliance with  史瓦妮, the warrior who would fight with them against the coming  evil.


  • The history of 弗雷爾卓德 is heavily featured on The Journal of Justice Issues 2 to 5. It narrates the crowning of  艾希 和  泰達米爾 as Queen 和 King of 弗雷爾卓德, the constitution of 弗雷爾卓德 as a League City-State 和 the general 背景 of the area.
  • The “Avarosans" were named after the ancient 和 most venerated Queen of 弗雷爾卓德, Avarosa, the Frost Archer.
  • The three legendary sisters’ names are, Avarosa, Serylda 和 麗珊卓.
    • The 麗珊卓 of the three sisters is the same 麗珊卓 who is now known as “ The Ice Witch“, effectively making her an ancient ancestor of  艾希 和  史瓦妮.
  • The  冰霜之鎚,  守望號角,  寒冰霸拳,  真霜結晶(已改名) 和  探索者護腕 are all artifacts that belonged to the “聚霜凝神", a demonym for those who were given power over ice by the Frozen Watchers.
    • The 守望號角 was made to warn 弗雷爾卓德 when the Frozen Watchers returned.
  • 布郎姆的 Shield
    布郎姆的 Shield
    True Ice is a phenomenon that exists only in the coldest depths of the 弗雷爾卓德. A 魔法 matter so cold it can never melt, master smiths have managed to craft this st範圍 substance into powerful weapons 和 armor.
  • There is an event between the three 弗雷爾卓德ian leaders,  艾希,  史瓦妮 和  麗珊卓, called “Battle for 弗雷爾卓德“. This event shows one of the possible outcomes if any of the three were to defeat the other 和 win the right to rule 弗雷爾卓德.